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Jeghier Architect

One of the most important aspects for Us is to capture the client’s personality within the form and function and mix them with the natural forces, characteristics, elements and energies of the project site.

Bali possesses one of the world’s most sophisticated cultures, particularly visible in its architecture, both old and new. Houses in Bali were traditionally built according to the body measurements of the head of the household, to be sure of creating an environment that is totally harmonious for that family, a balance between internal and external world.

Jeghier Architect, a prolific firm with a very solid reputation for understanding both old and new and redefining them for today’s lifestyles. Jeghier architect established since 1998. Jeghier is Komang’s nick-name which was given to him when he was still a kid, because even when he was small He was always making toys out of recycled junk, and everybody loved them.

Komang Suardika is a modernist architect in Indonesia with many years experience. He took his degree in architecture in 1996 from the University of Udayana, Bali, and is currently Director of PT. Jeghier Architect Indonesia and principal Architectural designer. The Balinese Architect Komang Suardika brave spatial planning results in unique living.

Statements : Stunning location requires a design sympathetic to the natural environment.

A good design should also facilitate connection to outdoor areas. For Me,…is Usually it’s easy to create, design and play with huge plot of land, but sometimes the challenge is how to create something beautiful and include all the client’s wishes to make them a reality in really on a small plot of land, with a low budget.

I enjoy designing something unique and high quality even in challenging circumstances. This is why the client needs the architect.