Keynote Speaker Design Method, Jogjakarta</p>

Keynote Speaker Design Method, Jogjakarta

Keynote Speaker in ANABATA OPEN TALK, "Design Methods" For Public and Architectural students Jogjakarta, February 10th, 2017

Every designer needs to understand the steps toward creation. There is no perfect design method. Some architects design by solving problems while others rely on intuition. Each project presents different needs and each designer is different. But there is always one good design that is optimal for the unique circumstances of your project.

Theory Of Form : Sight, sound, and other sensory information from architecture influence people’s perception of the material world. This is the first reason architecture is important.

The Greek philosopher Plato described a theory of how forms influence people. Bodily sensations reveal the material world, and the material world suggests a higher truth. The material world evokes feelings and beliefs that give people a non-material conception of reality. Architecture is a powerful force if the designer has an understanding of how truth is manifest from sensations and the material world.

The material world is always changing. There is a part of architecture that is constantly in flux because it reflects the natural environment. But the higher immaterial truths don’t change. The material world is confusing and contradictory, but immaterial truths are enlightening and don’t conflict with each other. Architecture therefore is confusing and contradictory because of the environment it is part of, but the profound truths that it reveals are permanent and unified.